Signature Fly Patterns

Each of these Signature Fly Patterns has been painstakingly designed and tested to suit particular angling situations where other flies didn’t perform as hoped. This limited number of patterns represents hundreds of pattern incarnations, each extensively tested in the field. Only those that performed as desired have made it here. New fly designs and modifications are constantly being tested while looking for an edge that will help you land more fish or the one fish that just doesn’t want to cooperate otherwise.
Most of these patterns are of my own design though some are the intellectual property of guides/friends who have graciously allowed me to replicate their work in order to enhance your angling experience.
Shape Shifter
Second Shifter

The Shape Shifter successfully imitates the moment those ubiquitous stillwater chironomidae emerge from pupae to adult. It’s in this moment when they are vulnerable that many stillwater trout key in on this abundant food source.
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  The Second Shifter is a stream version of the stillwater Shape Shifter pattern. I found the Shape Shifter to be effective in streams though it need refinement to be consistently effective in moving water. My first time out with the Second Shifter I landed 4 rainbows ranging from 14” to 18” during a midge emergence on the Dream Stream.
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May Break
Impostor Pupa
  I started tying the Imposter Pupa after studying chironomid pupae from several prairie lakes in northwest Wyoming. The first incarnations were tied with white wing pads. Those flies were fairly effective. As I continued to collect more pupae I found they all had faint orange or tan wing pads. After tying a few flies with orange wing pads….
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  The May Break is a "twisted" version of the popular Quigley Cripple. I have substituted materials used in the original to give the fly a more natural silhouette. It can be used as a general attractor or as an imitation during hatches of large mayflies.
It floats like a cork and brings even large fish to the surface even between hatches.
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Escape Artisit
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​  The Escape Artist gets its name from the characteristic that makes it different from almost every other fly out there. Cast this fly into any kind of brush, weeds, grass or debris you want and retrieve it without worries of getting hung up!
Prime Mover
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Sinkin' Ringo
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