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Gudebrod Fly Cement

   I was fortunate enough to run across a good quantity of my favorite head cement made by the now defunct Gudebrod Company. I use this head cement for most of my fly tying because of its superior qualities. It is especially desirable when tying stripped hackle quill-bodied flies as it can be applied immediately with no worries about the moisture in the quill reacting with the finish as is a problem with lacquer-based head cements. It is also very desirable for tying soft hackles and other flies where deep penetration and superior adhesion are desired without bulky residue.

   The formula is water/alcohol-based and is completely compatible with isopropyl alcohol unlike other alcohol-based head cements which require the use of denatured alcohol. By thinning it slightly with common household rubbing alcohol it gives better penetration into the fly and dries faster without leaving a build-up like lacquer-based head cements.

   This formula is the gold standard in water-based head cement and rod winding color preserver but was unfortunately lost when the Gudebrod Company was closed in 2010 then subsequently divided and sold to other companies. When the Gudebrod first reopened, prior to being divided I contacted them hoping to replenish my supply but was informed the original formula was lost in the original liquidation due to patent ownership. I was informed by the chemist who had worked for both iterations of the company they manufactured the original formula in three viscosities which were marketed for different uses: Fly & Jig Head Cement, Color Preserver and Rod Varnish.
   Prior to acquiring this last batch of Color Preserver and Rod Varnish I was able to track down individual bottles of each which have kept me in decent supply. I have used both by thinning with isopropyl alcohol and have been as thrilled with the results as with the original Fly & Jig Head Cement.

   In my opinion this formula is far superior to any other milky-white, water-based head cements currently available.

   This latest acquisition is more than I will ever use and want to pass my good fortune along. Yes I am keeping a few for myself but it likely won’t last until I could use it all up although I will say it has a better shelf life than anything I have ever seen.