​Twisted & Tied Fly Leaders

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    At first glance you may recognize Twisted and Tied leaders as just another furled leader but appearances can be deceiving. These leaders are different in many ways from other commercially available fly leaders.
As much as any other piece of casting equipment the leader you choose can either enhance or inhibit your casting ability. A great leader can give you great casting control while a bad leader can make an accurate cast seem impossible.
   I have spent nearly two decades working to develop the best casting leader possible. J Wood Twisted & Tied Fly Leaders have been designed with the optimum combination of weight, bulk and flexibility by using a hand twisted, multi-strand butt section that casts without the hinging effect of a leader butt that is too stiff (extruded tapered leaders) or too soft (furled thread leaders). By matching the flexibility of the fly line, the twisted butt section offers superior energy transfer which translates to a smoother more accurate cast compared to other leaders. The result is a line of leaders that offer smooth turn-over, maximum energy transfer and superior accuracy. Beyond the butt section, each leader consists of a hand-knotted, tapered tip section. The taper of each tip section is the result of many hours casting, fishing and adjustments. If you don’t find your Twisted & tied Fly Leader to be the best casting leader you have ever used I will refund the cost including shipping.
  These nylon leaders are available in 6.5’, 8’, 9.5’ and 11’ lengths from 0X to 7X break strength (varying by length) they can be customized for 3 different line weight classes. Each leader length is designed to offer specific characteristics to enhance your fishing and casting pleasure.
The 6 1/2’ streamer/ bass bug leader offers more power transfer allowing you to turn over large, heavy flies.
The 8’ Streamer/Bass Bug leaders offer the same great power transfer for large flies as the 6 1/2’ but with an extra separation between fly line and fly.
The 9 1/2’ leaders are great all-around leaders for general stream and stillwater fishing. They offer great turnover for everything from tiny dries to medium sized streamers.
The 11’ leaders are designed for those times when a heavy, long reach leader is necessary. This is the leader that got the line started all those years ago. It is a tremendous stillwater trout and bass leader with enough bulk to cast big flies and strength to handle big fish.
Each leader consists of one butt section and two extra knotted tip sections. These butt sections are capable of lasting an entire season of heavy use. Butt sections and tip sections are also available separately.

6.5 '   0X-4X    $ 17.50 each
8'        1X-5X   $ 18.75 each
9.5'    2X-6X    $ 19.95 each
11'     2X-4X    $ 22.00 each

Delivery time varies as each T&T Leader is made to order.