Guide Fly Patterns

  Our Guide Fly Patterns are a collection of the flies designed and used by some of our favorite guides across the country. These are anglers that spend their days earn a living by making sure their clients are catching fish. No matter the fishery a guide is often only as good as the fly he ties to the end of the client’s tippet. Used properly, these flies are guaranteed fish catchers. To that end be sure and check out the fishing tips at the “….read more.” link for each pattern.

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Nick's Swanky
  Nick’s Swanky Midge is the result of my good friend Nick Haxhijaj (hi-gee-eye) successfully matching the abundant midge larvae present in the fertile Guadalupe tailwater below Canyon Lake in central Texas. It has been a consistent producer on trout streams from Texas to Colorado.
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Blindside Midge
  The Blindside Midge was developed by guide Jon Easdon for very technical waters like the Cheesman Canyon section of the South Platte, Taylor River and Blue River in Colorado. He first tied it in 2008 and it has been catching difficult trout ever since. The Blindside Midge has been so successful it is one of the go-to patterns for the guides at Angler’s Covey.
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