J Wood Fly Selections

     With the overwhelming number of choices available to anglers there are times when fly selection can seem a daunting task. In order to take some of the guesswork out of choosing flies that are successful I have put together some fly selections that will help both novice and experienced anglers put more fish in the net.
To help make your angling experience even more enjoyable I will be adding fishing techniques and suggestions for fishing all the flies offered by J Wood Fly Fishing. Just follow the links then get out there and catch some fish!

​More selections coming soon.
​​Midge Selections
    These Midge Selections are suitable for every location where Texas Parks and Wildlife has stocked trout. Whether you plan on fishing one of the tailwaters, creeks or ponds within Texas for trout this fly selection will do the trick. These are not the only flies that will catch trout in Texas but they will catch trout more consistently than any others. The simple reason is that the trout must adapt quickly to feeding on the available aquatic insect life or starve. Midges (chironomidae) are the most abundant aquatic insects available throughout the winter months.
These Midge Selections are also extremely productive trout catchers across the country. Bonus!!
Texas Trout Fly Selections
Mini Midge Selection  $25
  The idea of trout fishing in Texas is one that just a few decades ago would illicit disbelief and bemusement. But thanks to the pioneering efforts of organizations like Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited , Lone Star Brewing Company and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in the early 1960s, trout fishing in Texas has become common not only on the Guadalupe River but throughout the state. What started as an afterthought has grown well beyond expectations and is now enjoyed in rivers, creeks and ponds statewide.
See map of TPWD trout stockings.

I have put together a few fly selections that will help take some of the guesswork out of angling for trout in Texas, starting with a group of midge, chironimid patterns. These selections come to you arranged on a soft foam sheet that makes them easy to carry in a zip-lock bag or transfer them to your fly box.

More selections in the coming weeks.
6- Second Shifter, 2 each red and brown size 18; 2 purple size 20
6- Nick’s Swanky, 2 purple size 18; 2 each olive and gray size 20

A $33.35 value when purchased separately. Economy shipping included.
Half Midge Selection  $42
8- Second Shifter, 2 each in 2 sizes; brown and red.
8- Nick’s Swanky Midge, 2 each in 2 sizes; olive and purple.
8- Blindside Midge, 2 each in 2 sizes, gray and black.

A $58 value when purchase seperately. USPS Prioity shipping included.
Full Midge Selection  $82
12- Second Shifter , 2 each in 2 sizes; red, brown and purple.
12- Nick’s Swanky Midge, 2 each in 2 sizes; olive, purple and gray.
12- Blindside Midge, 2 each in 2 sizes; gray, olive and black
12- Zebra Midge, 2 each in 2 different sizes; red, black and brown.
A $102 value when purchased separately. Priority shipping included.