J Wood Fly Collections

The J Wood Fly Collections consist of two select groups of flies
These are the flies that occupy space in our boxes when we venture out on the water. Though we hope to sell as many flies as possible these are all patterns designed to catch fish not fisherman. You won’t find unnecessary parts, appendages or added doohickeys for the sake of drawing more attention from shoppers. What you will find are patterns that work where it counts, in the water.
​To take some of the guesswork out of fly selection I have put together a group of Fly Selections for speficic situations.

​Signature Fly Patterns

Guide Fly Patterns

Wholesale Fly Patterns

  Each  Signature Fly Pattern   has been painstakingly designed and tested to suit particular angling situations we’ve encountered where other flies didn’t perform as hoped. This limited number of patterns represents hundreds of pattern incarnations, each extensively tested in the field. Only those that performed as desired have made it here. We are constantly testing new fly designs and modifications looking for an edge that will help us, and you land that one fish that just doesn’t want to cooperate otherwise.
  Our Guide Fly Patterns   are a selection of the flies designed and used by some of our favorite guides. These are guides that spend their days making a living catching fish and making clients happy. No matter the fishery a guide is only as good as the flies he ties on the client’s tippet.

   Fly shops, guides, outfitters and dealers may purchase many of the
J Wood Signature Fly Patterns in wholesale quantities.

CATCH Fly Fishing for details on how to become a dealer.