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About J Wood Fly Fishing

J Wood Fly Fishing is the manifestation of over 50 years indulging a passion for fishing, most of it with a fly rod. My obsession with fly fishing began in 1969 and has been growing ever since. With each passing year the discovery of new aspects in fly fishing have made it an ever-evolving journey.
Fly tying and tackle building have always been a part of my fishing experience. These efforts have continually opened new avenues of growth, making the experience more enjoyable in every way, transforming my time on the water into something profoundly more engaging than mere sport.
I grew up chasing largemouth, sunfish and crappie in farm ponds and lakes across North Texas, a cherished beginning now long past. Since that time I have been lucky enough to travel the country fly fishing in 15 states from Florida to California across the south, and north to Washington State in the west. I’ve been lucky enough to have landed over 70 species of fish from coldwater, warmwater and saltwater environments.

Since 2010 I have enjoyed the privilege of sharing many of my experiences in the pages of Southwest, Northwest and Eastern Fly Fishing magazines, an honor that brings me enjoyment with each shared adventure. What brings me even more enjoyment is the collection of individuals I have met and the fact that many of them I now call my friends.
As enriching as the fish and the beautiful places I’ve gone to pursue them have been, I have valued the company of the many anglers whose paths I’ve crossed even more. The many ways they have enriched my angling experiences, angling knowledge and my life are treasures I regard above all else in my fishing career.
This site is the result of a passion that began so long ago, a passion which has seen a multitude of incarnations. What you find on these pages may not change your life but I hope it will, at the very least, enrich your angling experience.
Good Fishing,

John E Wood
Casting on The Dream Stream
photo by: Sharon Wood
27" redfish from the Texas coast
photo by: Andrew Vrana